Gambro is a global medical technology company and a leader in developing, manufacturing and supplying products and therapies for Kidney and Liver dialysis, Myeloma Kidney Therapy, and other extracorporeal therapies for Chronic and Acute patients.


Kidney (renal) dialysis was the world’s first extracorporeal therapy (i.e. a therapy that treats organ failure outside the body). Dialysis saves the lives of a growing number of patients every year, and innovation in the field is essential. The only current alternative to renal dialysis - kidney transplantation - is not an available option for most patients, due to a shortage of donor organs.


Dialysis technology is now being developed for new applications such as liver dialysis and an emerging field of other extracorporeal therapies, to remove different fluids and toxins from chronically and acutely ill patients.


For decades, Gambro has been first to market with many groundbreaking innovations. By designing and delivering solutions to dialysis clinics and intensive care units, Gambro offers not just improved treatment quality, but also improved efficiency.


Gambro was founded in 1964 and has today 7 500 employees, 13 production facilities in 9 countries,, and sales in more than 100 countries..





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