Creating a Mobile Clinic — no matter the medical specialty — is just like building a custom home.  A number of decisions must be made to arrive at the finished product. But with our experienced Odulair sales and design team, the process is smooth and fun. Remember, Odulair is the only Mobile Medical Vehicle manufacturer in the world that is founded and operated by a medical professional. We understand your needs. We speak your language. We are your people.


There are a few questions that you should consider before getting started:

- What do you want to accomplish with this project?

- How much are you planning to invest in the project?

- What's the preferred launch date?


Let's take a look at some of the key components to launching your Mobile Medical Unit project!


Your objectives should be specific and relevant. Some examples might be to provide hearing and eye exams in the community, to extend the reach of our hospital to nearby towns, to increase our visibility in the community by providing mobile mammograms, improve patient wait and response times, perform exams more efficiently for your patients, capture new patients for your organization, provide healthcare services for under served populations, etc. Everything in the project should contribute to achieving the objective and getting you a return on your investment.


We always get the question, 'What does a trailer cost?'. The simple answer: It depends. In order to determine a specific price, a specific design must be determined. If you need to establish a budget before a specific design is finalized, you can start with an estimate.


An estimate is an expectation made before the final design is known based on information provided and from past experience from similar projects. If the actual final design differs from the initial information and expectations, then the actual price could also vary proportionately, but it's a starting point. This differs from a quote, which is an offer made to build a specific design for a specific price once the final design is known. It is documented by a drawing and/or written specifications.


If you don't know where to start when it comes to budget, browse through the website and collateral and find a trailer that looks similar to what you're envisioning. The sales team can then provide a rough estimate of what that trailer cost and this may help to determine if you're in the right range and if an Odulair Mobile Clinic is your best solution.



Indicating your desired finish time will help the sales team know how best to advance the process and whether your timeline is feasible. A typical timeline for a custom mobile clinic is 4 to 6 months depending on the complexity of the design and the number of projects already in the queue.


Before we get into the design of the trailer, let's consider who might be involved in the process.



Medical vehicle manufacturers, like Odulair, produce custom mobile clinics that take whatever your operation is and put it on the road. Some manufacturers modify an existing vehicle or trailer and others build it from the ground up. Those that modify typically start with an existing mass produced steel trailer. They build mostly with steel components because they started with an existing steel trailer.


Others, like Odulair, design the whole trailer first, and then build it from scratch with aluminum, except key structures, like axle sub-frames and framing of expandable openings where steel is used. Odulair is distinctly different from all other mobile clinic manufacturers because all of our medical vehicles and mobile medical units are built as "medical from the ground up." Click here to learn more about our Medical From the Ground Up Manufacturing Process.


At Odulair, you will interact with multiple members of our design and executive team, however your main contact will be your sales person. Any questions and decisions will be communicated through your sales person.



Typically manufacturers will paint and/or graphic the trailer according to the customer's design, or there are independent companies that do this. Because we understand the value of high impact graphics on your mobile medical unit, Odulair offers  full and partial wraps as well as vinyl decals, stripes and custom airbrushing. The exterior of the trailer is really what can 'wow' people depending on your objective.



Odulair has in-house architects that help create an effective medical workspace inside your Mobile Clinic. We are expert in designing mobile medical units as that is all we design and manufacture. Many interior design architects can often provide design ideas that are beyond what can be physically built inside a mobile clinic. These architects are very expensive and do not have a working understanding of building inside a facility that  moves, and even has moving parts in the form of expandable side walls. There are many constraints to building inside a moving vehicle with expanding walls. This is why we at Odulair have our own architect to create beautiful efficient spaces that work in the medical field AND in a mobile medical vehicle.  In addition to looking great, functionality and durability of the design are also paramount.





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