His Excellency President John Mahama of Ghana consults with Odulair founder Dr. Anita Chambers at the launch of the Onuado National Outreach Program with eight Odulair Mobile Clinics.

HRH Prince Zinhle Dlamini Mandela and Donald Clark of the Mandela Forever Foundation consult with Odulair founder Dr. Anita Chambers regarding their South African National Outreach Program.





Odulair was founded by Anita Chambers, who received her clinical training from the Medical College of Georgia from 1981 to 1985 and has been working in the fields of diagnostic imaging and surgical therapeutics ever since. Dr. Chambers has unique experience in the mobile health unit industry as she is the only company founder and management member that has clinical training, has actually worked clinically in a mobile medical vehicle, and been responsible for developing many FDA cleared medical devices.


Dr. Chambers first job out of school was working for Shared Medical Services, a leader in the provision of mobile imaging services throughout the United States. Later, working for such industry leaders as Acuson (diagnostic ultrasound), Siemens (medical imaging and therapy), Computer Motion (now Intuitive Surgical, surgical robotics), Cbyon (image-guided surgery), and others; our founder amassed over 22 years experience before founding her first mobile medical vehicle company in 2003.


Dr. Chambers built her first OR in 2000. It was one of the first ORs in the world where literally everything hung from a boom in the ceiling, what was then called an "OR of the future." It was also one of the first hybrid ORs in the world long before GE, Philips or Siemens conceived of the concept.


In 2003, Dr. Chambers co-founded  AMOHS (Advanced Mobile Hospital Systems), where she led the acquisition of Tractus Medical.  This purchase was key to the mobile surgery vehicle industry as Tractus Medical held the only issues U.S. patent for a mobile operating room.  That patent had been licensed to Mobile Medical International Corporation (MMIC), but Tractus Medical later revoked the patent license. The purchase of Tractus Medical gave the company the sole rights for manufacture of mobile surgery units in the United States ...  A right that was held until the patent expired in April 2009.  After driving the success of the business, Dr. Chambers left AMOHS in 2007.


Being a staunch proponent of honoring patents and the patent process, Dr. Chambers gladly refrained from producing and marketing mobile surgery units until the patent had well expired. During this hiatus, in addition to founding a nanotechnology company, Dr. Chambers gave tremendous thought to how to improve the underlying technology upon which mobile medical vehicles are designed and built as well as designing modular versions of the most desired mobile units.  As a reviewer of National Institute of Health (NIH) grants in the area of bioethics and emerging technology, she gained a far greater understanding of how to best use mobile medical vehicle technology to better serve larger populations including those in dire need due to hospital workflow shortages, remote locations, and even large-scale natural disasters.


Dr. Chambers founded Odulair in 2008 with a focus on both mobile and modular medical units designed to meet the needs of 21st century healthcare delivery where the emphasis is efficiency, throughput, and cost effectiveness. She utilized the knowledge she had gained from her clinical training, her own personal experience running a mobile imaging service vehicle and her work in the medical device industry to create effective products to deliver healthcare around the world from the jungle to the desert and everything in between.


Since 2008, Dr. Chambers unique medical expertise has provided one of the driving forces in Odulair rising to the world's leading provider of mobile clinics and national healthcare outreach programs. Today, Odulair continues to grow in both stature and breadth of the industry.


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