Powerful healthcare dynamics are challenging all eye care professionals. These pressures, along with shifting patient demographics, will continue to stress your practice for years to come. Today, success first requires survival through new and more intelligent efficiencies. At Marco, this is what we do every day, as we have for almost 50 years.


Waiting for circumstances to chance is a failed, reactive strategy. Hope alone is simply not a strategy. Foremost, you need to develop a real PLAN - a plan that allows you to regain proactive CONTROL of the practice. To do so, you need to forge a strong and lasting PARTNERSHIP with a proven industry leader. At Marco, we share your objectives and are eager to put our experience to work for you today. Learn more about Marco and how we can help re-engineer your practice for a more profitable future.



Beyond a powerful product line, Marco offers a full consultative approach, involving a full, unobtrusive practice assessment. Observation of total staff efficiencies and the overall patient experience supplement empirical practice flow metrics, to deliver a comprehensive assessment, and plan options.


"The integration between my Marco refraction system and my EMR system, is seamless - far exceeding what I thought possible! The increased profitability in my practice is a direct result of the accuracy, efficiency, enhanced patient flow, and overall marketing impact of the technology integration, which results in the ability to see more patients every day." -Lorie Lippiatt, OD Salem, Ohio

"I understand why Marco dominates the stand-alone refractive wavefront market - they didn't just sell me an instrument... the true system was realized when Marco showed me how to implement it into my practice." -Jonathan Solomon, MD Bowie, Maryland



Based on your specific practice objectives we will suggest specific changes that could be implemented in the practice, to deliver greater efficiencies and maximize patient flow. Time is your most valuable commodity... and one you can control. Time savings in the practice can be reinvested in many ways.


While your initial objective may simply be to increase patient volume or enhance the quality of life for office staff, we can also help you increase quality face-time with each patient. You will have more opportunities to explain other services available or shift more time into fittings and optical. Greatest efficiencies and best patient care can, and do, exist in thousands of Marco practices.


"What's the Epic system impact to my practice? More efficient & reliable refractions, faster patient experience, significant increase in patient volume, one-click ability to display patients' old/new... or day/night vision Rx, the need to hire a second Optician, space-reinvested in a revenue-producing station, a high-tech practice advantage, and superior patient experiences... Profound!" -Scot Morris, OD Conifer, Colorado



Becoming a 'Marco' practice is just the beginning of a long relationship. Because we offer such an extensive line of Exam Lane and Automated devices, our team of practice specialists can be responsive to all of your product needs - with the correct advice/device... when you need it. Behind Marco field managers are world-class product specialists and credentialed instructors, in our Jacksonville 'Institute of Vision Technology.' Finally, each instrument purchase is backed by robust trade-up programs and a service department that provides complete support. A partnership with Marco is a partnership fo the life of your practice.


"The complete Marco refraction system has drastically improved the efficiency of my clinic by allowing me to obtain an autorefraction, corneal topography, photopic and mesopic pupillometry, and Wavefront analysis in seconds at one machine... saving me over 15 minutes per workup." -Farrell "Toby" Tyson, MD, FACS Cape Coral, Florida



Complementing our full line of classical instruments is our groundbreaking range of automated products. They help practitioners achieve new levels of efficiency while maintaining the highest quality care.


With the pressures facing healthcare today, practitioners need innovative, new ways to do more in less time. Marco's automated products let you do just that. Dramatically reducing the time it takes to gather diagnostic information, our systems give you more time to concentrate on treatment options and on communicating with your patients.



For more than forty years, Marco has been a leader in offering eye-care professionals the very finest in a complete range of traditional vision diagnostic equipment. From Lensmeters, Refractors and Keratometers to Chairs & Stands, Chart Projectors and Slit Lamps, Marco classical products redefine the state-of-art in their product categories. They are designed to make your practice more efficient and more effective while making the day-to-day work of both practitioner and staff simpler and easier.


We invite you to experience the excellence of Marco classical products firsthand. We think you will see the same, clear difference that thousands of practitioners have come to appreciate and trust.





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