Mar Cor Purification (MCP) is owned by Cantel Medical Corp., a NY Stock Exchange listed company (CMN). The business consists of several familiar companies integrated to offer filtration, water purification and disinfection technologies, including Minntech Filtration Technologies Group, Mar Cor Services, Biolab Equipment, GE Medical Water and the Gambro US Medical Water business.


This combination allows us to better serve our medical & industrial customers by supplying high-quality water treatment equipment with our Mar Cor, GE Medical, GAMBRO & Biolab line of products, while providing proven filtration and disinfection technologies through our FiberFlo® Filters and Minncare® & Actril® Cold Sterilant brands.


The success of Mar Cor, as well as the success of our customers has been based on the principle of providing Competent, Consistent & Compliant product and services. We welcome the opportunity to meet your toughest demands while continuing to provide outstanding customer service.


The Medical Water Products Group has been providing 510(k) water purification products and services to the medical marketplace for over 35 years and has over 3500 installations and over 12,000 single patient systems in North America.  These clients include dialysis clinics, hospitals & medical research centers.  Mar Cor has the broadest range of products in these key markets.





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