Odulair specializes in the design and manufacturing of medical specialty vehicles such as non emergency medical transport vehicles, mobile medical vehicles including mobile hospitals, mobile clinics, and mobile medical units. Odulair mobile medical vehicles are available for sale, rental or lease in the US and internationally.


Specialty vehicles by Odulair are available in over forty (40) medical specialties. Mobile medical solutions by Odulair are manufactured in several platforms including mobile medical trucks, mobile medical trailers, mobile medical shipping containers, mobile medical bus (with passenger and school buses).  Our scope ranges from Mobile Field Hospitals to Mobile Dental Clinics, Mobile Dialysis Units, Mobile Medical Vans, Mobile Eye Clinics, Mobile Endoscopy Unit, Mobile Surgery Unit, Mobile Mammography Unit, Mobile Breast Cancer Unit, Mobile X-ray Unit, Mobile Audiology Clinic, Mobile Family Clinic, Mobile Ent Unit, Mobile Pharmacy Trailer, Mobile Crisis Unit, Mobile Mental Health Unit, Mobile Behavioral Health Unit, Mobile CT, Mobile PET/CT, Mobile Laboratory, and many more.

The Odulair brand is guarantee of success and that’s why Odulair is the preferred brand for the delivery of mobile medical outreach programs, providing government medical vehicles across the globe, mobile clinics and mobile health vans for non governmental organizations including universities and faith-based organizations.


Odulair technology is designed by medical professionals for medical professionals. Expect comfortable facilities, beautiful design, optimal patient flow and smooth traffic patterns. Odulair products and medical design has been recently featured in study cases by Business Weekly, and Herman Miller.





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