Odulair founder and Fielding Graduate University Institute for Social Innovation Fellow Dr.  Anita Chambers initiated the Mobile Clinic  Africa Program in 2012 in an effort to provide specialty mobile clinics designed specifically for use on the African continent. The Odulair Mobile Clinics Africa products are high quality,  custom mobile clinic and medical van vehicles designed specifically for Africa and are available to emerging nations at an affordable cost.


The Company focused on developing a series of mobile clinic, medical vehicle, and medical van products that specifically address the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, especially Goals number 4 (reducing child mortality rates), number 5 (improving maternal health), and number 6 (combating HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases). To date, Odulair has designed mobile clinics to deliver rural outreach healthcare for more than 40 medical specialties.


The Mobile Clinics are housed in platforms ranging from 9 meter (30-foot) highly mobile 4x4 truck-based clinics to 18 meter (60-foot) double expandable trailers. The larger trailer-based clinics are primarily used in more populous areas where they stay weeks to months providing medical services to the local population before moving to the next location. Conversely, the smaller 9 meter units are built on a rugged 4x4 superduty truck chassis for superior mobility even on the worst roads. For the most remote patients, Odulair Mobile Clinics can be built on a heavy duty 6-wheel drive chassis used to traverse trails where no reliable roads exist.


The Mobile Clinics for Africa Program creates collaboration between local African businesses and Odulair as the local businesses provide components for incorporation into the mobile clinics, which are then utilized to deliver healthcare within the country. This unique model of collaboration for the development of medical vehicles was developed by Dr. Chambers in an effort to stimulate both the economy of the recipient African country as well as small businesses in the United States. As an example, Odulair purchases our Mobile Clinic truck chassis directly from the local dealer in Africa. This local transaction ensures that our Mobile Clinics are built using engines designed to operate on local high sulfur diesel fuel. It also provides the local auto dealer with a substantial commission and the pride in being part of a mission to help their local community. This, in turn, guarantees that Odulair customers receive the best customer service possible when visiting the auto dealer.


Odulair also purchases much of the medical equipment installed within our Mobile Clinics from local representatives of the finest American and European medical devices. Just like the auto dealers, the provision of a local commission not only supports the local economy, but it also guarantees Odulair customers first-class customer service. Additionally, we ensure that all of the medical equipment within Odulair Mobile Clinics can be serviced locally without requiring our customers to ship equipment back to the manufacturer for maintenance or service. Odulair Mobile Clinics for Africa Program vehicles can be purchased with up to a 5-year "worries-free maintenance package" to ensure that your clinics are always in top shape.


All of our Mobile Clinics for Africa clinical specialties can be outfitted with a satellite communications system. This system provides consistent, reliable Internet service to the Mobile Clinic. This service provides easy communication with the Mobile Clinic's home base for ordering new supplies. With the simple addition of VOIP applications such as Skype, the clinicians within the Mobile Clinic can reliably consult with medical experts at home and around the world to better diagnose and treat unusual patient cases. With the Odulair Mobile Clinics for Africa Satellite Communications System, you do not need an expert in every Mobile Clinic because they have easy and reliable access to consult with experts elsewhere.

Another proprietary feature offered on Odulair Mobile Clinics for Africa is the ability to include an integrated hybrid solar stored energy / diesel generator power solution. Odulair was the first company in the world to offer a partially solar powered mobile clinic in 2008.  With recent advances in stored energy technology, Odulair has recently introduced the world's first fully-solar powered mobile clinic. The clinic does incorporate a back-up generator for the rainy season, but even if you encounter endless days or rain without even minutes of sunshine, there is only a need to run the generator several hours per day. Even in this worst case scenario, the on-going cost savings of not purchasing diesel fuel far exceeds the cost of this unique option.


The first delivery in the Odulair Mobile Clinics for Africa Program included an initial shipment of 18 Mobile Clinics and Biometric Medical Vans for the Ministry of Health, Republic of Ghana. These units were commissioned on April 26, 2013 at the Parliament State House in Accra, Ghana. Lordina Mahama, Ghana's First Lady, commended Odulair and supplier Belstar Development for the detailed planning and modeling of the mobile clinics with their specialist medical equipment and on-board power. Mrs. Mahama said, "To protect communities from diseases no effort should be spared in training, deploying and resourcing health care staff who looked after the welfare of patients.  Access to rural health care services encompassed several elements, including property acquisition and management, staffing, housing, adequate technology and numerous and another variables and overhead cost." Minister of Health, Ms. Sherry Ayittey continued, "“Each component posses its own unique challenges and issues and it is when taken all aspects of the problem into account that the benefit of implementing mobile health care technology becomes evident. The Odulair Mobile Clinics are a dream come true for Ghana.”





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