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Odulair participated with the Ghana Ministry of Health in

conducting three mobile clinic specialist outreach events at

Agbogbolshie and Efua Sutherland Children’s Park in Accra, Ghana


Accra, Ghana (December 15, 2013)  Odulair™ LLC, the world’s leading provider of advanced mobile health clinics and mobile medical vehicles today announced that the Company participated with the Ghana Ministry of Health in conducting three mobile clinic specialist outreach events at Agbogbolshie and Efua Sutherland Children’s Park in Accra, Ghana.


Each of the three specialist outreach events was conducted utilizing recently delivered Odulair Mobile Clinics. There were two mobile dental clinics, two mobile ophthalmology clinics, two audiology clinics, and two general medicine clinics in use at each event.


At Agbogbolshie, nearly 1,000 patients were diagnosed and treated within five hours. As most of the patients were younger men between 20 to 30 years of age engaged in manual labor, there demonstrated a variety of health issues commonly associated highly physical work.


In the first day at Efua Sutherland Children’s Park, nearly 1,600 school-aged children were diagnosed and treated within six hours. Just under 500 children benefited from receiving hearing tests, almost 400 received eye examinations, and hundreds received routine dental care including tooth extractions. The following day, over 1,200 children and adults from nearby schools and markets were screened, diagnosed, and treated.


Each of the specialist outreach events was conducted efficiently to maximize patient throughput providing the greatest number of services to the greatest number of citizens. The events also provided attendees the opportunity to register for National Health Insurance as a cost effective method of receiving care throughout the country.


As part of the Mobile Clinics for Africa Program, Odulair worked directly with the Ministry of Health in training doctors, dentists, nurses and allied health professionals for the provision of mobile health clinics. An Odulair team was on-site at all of the specialist outreach events as a continuation of this training.


These specialist outreach events were attended by Ms. Sherry Ayittey, Minister of Health; Dr. Constance Addo-Yobo, Director Specialist Outreach Program and Chief Dental Officer; Dr. Samuel Kaba Akoriyea, Director Institutional Care Ghana Health Service; Dr. Nichodemus Gebe, Head Biomedical Engineering Unit; and Frank Ansong, U.S. Embassy.


“The Ghana Ministry of Health is leading the entire African continent in incorporating mobile health clinics and specialist outreach events as part of their standard of care. They truly understand the healthcare needs of their citizens as well as the people’s inability to access healthcare facilities from remote regions,” said Anita Chambers, President and CEO of Odulair, LLC. “We are proud to continue this important work with the Ministry as part of our Mobile Clinics for Africa Program,” Chambers said.


Odulair, LLC is a woman owned Wyoming company founded by a medical professional in 2008 to assist governments, NGOs, and private medical providers with advanced technology mobile clinics for the delivery of healthcare in over 40 medical specialties. Odulair Mobile and Modular Clinics can be built on most platforms including truck chassis, trailers, shipping containers, tents, and modular buildings.

With a history of break-through innovations, in 2012, Odulair launched the Mobile Clinics for Africa Program. In 2013, Odulair launched the world’s first Mobile Dialysis Unit. In 2014, Odulair launched the world’s first 100% solar-powered mobile clinic. Also, in 2014, our West African clients approached Odulair to develop the world’s first isolation unit to meet the unprecedented needs of Ebola isolation. Odulair rose to the challenge and developed a patent pending isolation unit to meet the needs of all infectious diseases with modes of transmission including bodily fluids, droplet transmission, particle transmission, and airborne transmission. The Odulair Ebola Isolation Unit and the Odulair Infectious Disease Isolation Unit were launched in early July 2014.

Odulair mobile and modular healthcare facilities are built to serve patient populations as independent operating vehicles or vehicles incorporated within an existing facility. Our units have been used for humanitarian healthcare delivery, community outreach, rural healthcare, hospital and surgery center renovation, capacity correction, emergency response, healthcare services within correctional facilities, and more.


Odulair founder and Fielding Graduate University Institute for Social Innovation Fellow Dr. Anita Chambers initiated the Mobile Clinics for Africa Program in 2012 in an effort to provide high quality, country specific custom mobile clinics to emerging nations at an affordable cost. To date, Odulair has designed mobile clinics to deliver healthcare for more than 40 medical specialties housed in platforms ranging from 30-foot (9 meter) highly mobile 4x4 truck-based clinics to 53-foot (16 meter) double expandable trailers. The Mobile Clinics for Africa Program creates collaboration between local African businesses and Odulair as the local businesses provide components for incorporation into the mobile clinics, which are then utilized to deliver healthcare within the country. This unique model of collaboration for the development of medical vehicles was developed by Dr. Chambers in an effort to stimulate both the economy of the recipient African country as well as small businesses in the United States.


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