Using a Mercedes Sprinter or a Ford Transit chassis, a Mobile Dental Van by Odulair is designed to move easily through city traffic. If your job includes multiple daily stops and your staff is comprised of only one (1) dentist or dental hygienist, then, the Mobile Dental Van is definitely your best solution.


Dental vans by Odulair are especially suited for on­-site mobile dental services at the workplace, outreach programs to schools, in rural and urban areas.  These are the smallest mobile dental units manufactured by Odulair and provide the fastest set­up time and have maximum maneuverability. A Mobile Dental Van Clinic by Odulair includes custom cabinetry to fit an incredible amount of professional dental equipment and supplies.


Mobile Dental Van by Odulair is available for sale internationally. Consult with an Odulair specialist to find out more about the Mobile Dental Vans.


In Ghana, an entire nation­wide Mobile Dental Outreach program trusts only Odulair Mobile Dental Vans. Odulair Dental Vans are in Ghana for a reason: high quality product, reliability, local support. We deliver on time, provide on-site training, and continue to support their dentistry mission trips 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a local Odulair team.


Traveling between the different regions of Ghana, in West Africa, is done in a convoy of mobile dental vans. The Odulair Dental Vans along with additional different medical vans work together to make a hospital outreach where the same medical specialties are offered as if in a traditional hospital or polyclinic building, including full range dentistry services.


Both the Odulair Mobile Medical Clinic National Outreach Program and the recently launched Onuado National Medical Outreach Program with the Ministry of Health and the Ghana National Health Services has greatly contributed to the improvement of the health of the Ghanaian population at large, from schools to churches to prisons.





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