Mobile Dental Clinics by Odulair are Mobile Clinics specifically designed and built for the modern mobile dentist to provide on-­site dental services in both urban and remote rural areas, as well as to serve as support ancillary facilities to the operations of existing organizations. Modern dentistry has adapted to life in the 21st century. Today, there are many individuals that for various reasons cannot access a traditional dental office. It’s the lack of convenient and fast transportation, it’s finding child care, it’s the lack of time in the life of a working parent: there is a multitude of reasons that has paved the road for the popularity of the mobile dental clinic and mobile dentist services. The dentist office has gone mobile and complete mobile dentistry can be delivered right where it’s needed.


Odulair manufactures and designs Mobile Dental Clinics that meet all of your specific needs. Odulair products make it possible so that when the mobile dentist arrives to work, everything needed is there just like in the typical dental office with every piece of equipment properly positioned for what the dentist or dental hygienist needs.


A Mobile Dental Clinic by Odulair typically includes a dental chair, dental light,  digital x­ray, unit W&H handpieces set, autoclave, sterilizers, high and low volume suction unit, cordless curing light, digital amalgamator, water distiller, custom cabinets to store consumables and equipment, stainless­ sink and cold and hot water tap, water heater, a dental unit with 2 handpieces, manual controls and a 3 in 1 air water syringe as well as a compressor to supply air and clean water to the dental unit, and focused lights.


Odulair mobile medical clinics come fully functional and include air­conditioners for a comfortable environment for both the patient and the staff, antibacterial walls and bleachable surfaces for infection control, custom mobile dental cabinets and mobile dental office furniture.


Mobile diagnostic and treatment facilities such as the Mobile Dental Clinics by Odulair excel in providing on­site dental services for large patient volume in mobile outreach dental services. There is no limit to the type of dental work that can be performed inside a Mobile Dental Clinic by Odulair. All Odulair mobile dental clinics are designed and fully equipped to allow the mobile dentists to provide the highest quality preventative and restorative dental care to patients.


Your success is our success, so we make sure you get the best product.


Mobile Dental Clinics for sale by Odulair are available in different sizes and platforms ranging from Mobile Dental Vans to Mobile Dental Trucks, and from Mobile Dental Trailers to Mobile Dental Buses.



Ministries of Health, federal and state institutions, the UN, hospital outreach, Universities, Veteran’s Hospitals, charitable dentistry and faith-­based organizations trust the Odulair brand with their healthcare outreach programs and medical missions.


Leading the delivery of Mobile Dental outreach programs in the United States, the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles has for over 50 years implemented a successful medical mission. Today, it is the largest dental outreach program in the US, and in the world, continuing to deliver free dental care through its pioneering work in mobile dentistry.


Staffed by over 70 people including mobile dentists who are volunteer faculty and graduating students from USC Dentistry School, the school’s mobile dental outreach efforts now provide

mobile dentistry services from Bakersfield in Central California to Baja California, in the south. Operating in school and church parking lots, both in urban and in remote rural areas of California, USC mobile dental clinics offer an invaluable service and represent a major community asset in the state.


By bringing the mobile Dental Clinics vehicles and trailers directly onto different school grounds, USC faculty and students are able to provide, in the Los Angeles area, comprehensive dental care and oral health education to more than 5,000 children in elementary schools every year.


Typical services performed in the Odulair Mobile Dental Clinic include examinations, cleanings, fluoride, fluoride gel, sealants, fillings, pulpotomies, extractions, x-­rays, and education. Each year, the program holds approximately 10 outreach clinics, providing dental care in both rural and urban areas in Southern and Central California for several weeks in each medical mission trips.


The USC Mobile Dental Outreach program has served to date thousands of children in need. Mobile dentists equipped by Odulair are the best providers for on-­site, school based, dental outreach services in the most comfortable and effective way. Many children, unfortunately, have no easy or affordable access to the necessary dental care. Dentists and dental hygienists in an Odulair Mobile Dental Clinic are able to enjoy working with the latest state of the art technology in dental equipment to provide all services directly at the chosen location, be it a school, a church, or a parking lot.


USC chose Odulair to design, engineer and manufacture their latest Mobile Dental Clinic trailer based on the Company's unique expertise in clinical medicine, quality products and custom designs. The massive area provided by the 50 ft  double ­expandable trailer was designed and built for fast set­up and deployment.  The new USC Mobile Dental Clinic by Odulair includes 8 dental chairs, on-­board lead lined x­-ray room, custom cabinetry, anti­bacterial surfaces, medical grade flooring, air ­conditioning, 2 multi­-screen video walls, entertainment package, LED lighting, and plenty of storage for consumables.


In Ghana, an entire nation­wide Mobile Medical Outreach program trusts only Odulair Mobile Medical vehicles. Odulair Medical Vans are in Ghana for a reason: high quality product, reliability, local support. We deliver on time, provide on site training, and continue to support their medical mission trips 24 hours, seven days a week, with an Odulair team.


Traveling between the different regions of the country is done in a convoy of mobile medical vans and mobile medical clinics on trucks. The different mobile clinics work together to make a hospital outreach where the different medical specialties are offered as if in a traditional hospital or polyclinic building.


Odulair Mobile Medical Clinic National Outreach Program with the Ministry of Health and the National Ghanaian Health Services has greatly contributed to the improvement of the health of the Ghanaian population at large, from schools to churches to prisons.





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