A Mobile Emergency Room (Mobile ER) by Odulair is a modern mobile medical unit that provides preliminary treatment for a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, potentially life-threatening and that require immediate medical care.


The first areas in a Mobile Emergency Room (mobile ER) by Odulair, the patients first stop is triage. Triage area is the place where a nurse prioritizes the patient’s condition into one of three general categories:


  • Immediate Care: life threatening
  • Urgent Care: not life threatening
  • Routine Care


This categorization allows giving priority to patients with life-threatening condition from others with more routine problems. The triage nurse measures the patient’s vital signs (temperature, pulse, respiratory rate and blood pressure), medical history, current medications and known allergies, so that the appropriate triage category can be determined.


Following triage there is registration where staff develops a medical record and takes care of medical insurance information. All medical history, lab tests of urine and blood samples, X-rays, etc. pertaining this case, will all be located on this chart that can be referenced at any time. If the patient's condition is life-threatening or if the patient arrives by ambulance, this step may be completed later at an appropriate time.


When the emergency doctor has all the information needed, then the doctor can determine the most likely diagnosis or reach the conclusion that more tests are required.


Mobile Emergency Rooms by Odulair are designed and manufactured according to US and EU health codes in trucks, trailers, medical shelters and shipping containers, and medical tents. Mobile ER Rooms by Odulair are available for sale, rent, and lease in the US and internationally.






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