A Mobile Endoscopy Unit by Odulair is a  U.S. healthcare code compliant mobile medical vehicle, with specialized areas for on-site diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic medical procedures where medical imaging via endoscope is used to visualize structures within the human body, including the digestive tract and genitourinary system.


Odulair Mobile Endoscopy Units deliver the fastest deployment and set-up times in the medical industry.  Offering optimized patient flow, comfortable environments attentive to both the patient’s privacy and dignity, as well as a safe and calm environment for staff, appropriately encouraging high levels of productivity.


For medical institutions in the U.S., Mobile Endoscopy Units by Odulair represent the best solution when going through hospital renovations, and during emergencies and humanitarian missions as means to raise delivery rates and boost patient access to endoscopic services.


Odulair manufactures two sizes of Endoscopy Units. If your institution performs less than 3000 endoscopies a year, Odulair recommends the Mobile Endoscopy Unit with a minimum of two endoscopy rooms to enable parallel examinations of upper and lower endoscopy. When carrying out about 3000 or more endoscopies a year, Odulair recommends a three-room Mobile Endoscopy Unit where the third room is an X-ray room dedicated to fluoroscopic endoscopic procedures, including endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS) and dilations.

The standard Odulair Mobile Endoscopy Unit design includes: a reception, patient waiting area, patient pre-op and recovery rooms with integrated medical gases (medical air, oxygen, and vacuum), patient monitors, procedure room, nurses station, utility areas, handicapped accessible bathroom, refreshment area, instrument processing room with endoscope washer disinfector, one way flow for scopes, clean processing room, dedicated decontamination area and an ultraviolet light endoscope storage cabinet.


All surfaces are bleachable and walls are covered with materials possessing antibacterial properties for the easy cleaning along with enhanced infection control.


Modular and Mobile Endoscopy Units by Odulair are available both domestically and internationally for sale, rent or lease. Endoscopy Units by Odulair are available both as Modular and Mobile platforms.


Contact your Odulair representative today and find out which one is best for you.


With a generously large internal space, the design of the Odulair Mobile Endoscopy Unit provides two or three clean and safe Endoscopy Suites meeting U.S. and E.U. standards for gastrointestinal endoscopy or bronchoscopy built inside a 53 foot double-expandable mobile medical trailer.


Built with aluminum for durability and weight performance, mobile medical trailers by Odulair are manufactured with seamless and rivetless sides for a beautiful, smooth wall. A single aluminum panel extends the entire length of one side covering the outside of the expandable wall for a perfect appearance and superior functionality.


The expandable sides in the Odulair Mobile Endoscopy Trailer can be activated both mechanically or manually. LED lights illuminate the entire Mobile Endoscopy Unit, and a powerful AC system keeps the air flow and room temperature at the perfect levels. Additionally, this unit may have a handicapped accessible bathroom, and patient wheelchair lift upon request.





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