Primary care services offered in Odulair Mobile General Medicine clinics are a first point of contact between patients and medical professionals. Mobile General Medicine clinics are designed to meet the widest variety of healthcare needs out of any mobile healthcare unit and are specifically built in order to provide services including, but not limited to: routine health screenings, check ups, care for chronic conditions, care coordination, and psychological consultations. Odulair mobile General Medicine units bring these services to communities who do not have immediate access to Internal Health services and can be instrumental in improving the health of remote and impoverished communities.


Mobile General Medicine clinics by Odulair are custom designed facilitate mobile medical outreach programs for the needs of populations who have trouble reaching brick and mortar medical facilities. Odulair line of mobile medical units are designed and build with the highest quality to meet and exceed US and EU health codes for mobile health units. Our mobile health services include the latest medical technology, medical supply storage techniques, state of the art medical IT equipment, all combined into one harmonious mobile unit.


All Odulair mobile medical clinics are custom designed with each unique customer’s needs in mind. In order to best provide for the mobile health service needs of our customers we deliver General Medicine clinics on a variety of different platforms and sizes in both mobile and semi mobile options with specialized medical equipment to best meet your needs.

All mobile units by Odulair include options to add additional waiting areas, exam rooms, offices, bathrooms, multimedia centers, and specialized telemedicine equipment to best meet the needs of both the medical staff working in the mobile unit and the patients.


Odulair delivers the largest selection of mobile medical options of any manufacturer. We can fit an extraordinary amount of powerful medical equipment in a vehicle a small van for a mobile doctor serving singular patients and build units all the way up to huge 53ft. double expandable clinics which can serve a large medical staff and many patients simultaneously.


Odulair mobile clinics are available Internationally and we will work with your organization in order to build a mobile clinic designed to meet the required specifications of your national Department of Health as well as add features specifically tailored to the type of communities you are working in. Rental, leasing, and financing options are available for qualifying customers.





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