Mobile Intensive Care Units are U.S. healthcare code compliant mobile diagnostic and treatment facilities.  Essentially, a mobile intensive care unit is a trauma center on wheels. They are designed to provide on-site trauma and surgical services both at a medical facility or free-standing on location at a disaster location. Because the Odulair Mobile Intensive Care Unit is on wheels, it can be transported to the scene of the disaster quickly and easily via tractor, train, or ship.  The unit is even designed to support international and humanitarian medical missions.


Our innovative Mobile Intensive Care Unit is housed in a double-expandable 53' trailer (18-wheeler) creating a state-of-the-art surgical facility of 1,000 square feet. The unit includes an entry/vertible, diagnostic and treatment area, nurse's station, scrub area, 17' X 22' operating room, clean utility room, soiled utility room, medical gas tank storage, janitor's closet, and bathroom. Odulair Transportable Intensive Care Units house the same amenities within a 1,700 sq. ft. facility with a 32' X 60' base. Our Modular ICU Units can be any size or configuration you require.


All Odulair Medical Vehicles are designed to meet the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Guidelines for Healthcare Facilities, which form the basis for most U.S. State licensing guidelines.  They are U.S. healthcare code compliant including meeting JCAHO, Medicare and State standards for accreditation.


Our Mobile and Transportable ICU Units are built to serve patient populations as independent operating vehicles or vehicles incorporated into an existing facility.  Even the Odulair Mobile ICU Unit meets the healthcare code requirments outlined by the American College of Surgeons allowing hospitals to increase their level of trauma readiness status of State licensure thereby providing the hospital with additional governmental funding.


  • Set-up and fully functional in 1 hour by 1 person
  • Configured with entrance, pre/post-operative area, nurses' station, handicapped accessible bathroom/changing area, separate soiled and clean utility rooms, spacious 17' X 22' trauma operating room
  • Self-contained with integrated power, lighting, heating, ventilation (99% HEPA filtration), air conditioning, plumbing, medical gas/vacuum, nurse's call system, synchronized time, intrusion alarm, fire suppression, and communications systems
  • Transportable by tractor, train or cargo ship
  • Redundant systems for power, water, vacuum and communications
  • Holding tanks for storage of potable, gray and black water
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system


  • Odulair ICU Units are state licensable, Joint Commission accreditable, and CMS certifiable
  • Rapid set-up allows for fast delivery of patient care
  • May be integrated with existing structures
  • Easy to clean surfaces provide superb infection control
  • Equipped with easily reconfigurable rail-mounted Herman Miller modular cabinetry to provide storage for medical supplies and equipment
  • Telemedicine ready
  • Robotic surgery ready
  • Image-guided surgery ready





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