Mobile Mammography Units by Odulair are state-of-the-art mobile clinics for on-site delivery of breast cancer screening services. Mobile Mammography medical vehicles provide a convenient option for early cancer detection in female population over the age of thirty-five, through on-site breast screening consultions. Regular breast cancer screening is a commonly adopted healthcare practice for best results in early breast cancer detection.


Mobile Mammography Units by Odulair are equipped with low-dose digital mammography equipment establish an efficient way to provide the needed breast screening, bringing mobile breast screening services to the patient in corporate offices, clinics, and wherever high quality breast cancer screening is needed.  As per client request, an optional laboratory can be included in the Odulair Mobile Breast Cancer Screening Unit.


Breast Cancer Screening done with Digital Mammography as those inside an Odulair Mobile Mammography Unit help detect more cancers than conventional film exams.


Odulair Mobile Mammography Units can be manufactured as:

  • Mobile Mammography Unit Van
  • Mobile Mammography Unit Bus
  • Mobile Mammography Unit Trailer
  • Mobile Mammography Unit Truck


Mobile Mammography Units by Odulair are available internationally for sale, rent, or lease.


Financing available to approved customers.





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