A Mobile Medical Clinic by Odulair is specially designed and manufactured for Mobile Medical Outreach Programs by providing mobile medical facilities optimized for on-site delivery of mobile healthcare services. Odulair Mobile Medical vehicles are equipped according to US and EU healthcare codes, latest medical technologies, medical supplies storage and custom cabinetry all harmoniously combined as mobile medical clinic vans, trucks, trailers and buses.


A Mobile Medical Unit by Odulair is custom designed to meet your specifications. Odulair provides you with the best mobile medical solution conveniently sized to best respond to your medical practice needs and the communities you serve.


Options in most mobile medical design layouts include adding waiting areas, exam rooms, staff bathrooms, handicapped accessible bathrooms, telemedicine, audio-video education center and materials, and spa multimedia packages. With in-house engineering, architecture and design services, Odulair brings incomparable expertise and proven experience delivering mobile healthcare solutions, logistics, services and support anywhere needed.


Odulair delivers the largest selection of modular and mobile platforms in the medical industry.

Available in lengths up to 53 ft including designs of mobile medical trailers with single and double expandable sides, Odulair Mobile Medical vehicles offer a perfect range of choices for your medical needs.


Built from the ground up using smooth finished rivetless all-aluminum body Odulair Mobile Medical Solutions provide the most durable and easy maintenance vehicles.


Available mobile medical units layouts include designs with one to four exam rooms, each with different chassis options customized to fit your medical specialty and geographical location.


Mobile Medical Units for sale by Odulair are available in the US and internationally. Odulair Mobile Medical clinics are manufactured in different design layouts, sizes, and vehicles types, including, mobile medical vans, mobile medical trailers, mobile medical trucks, mobile medical vans, mobile medical bus, mobile medical train, and mobile medical shipping containers. Rental and lease options are available for qualifying customers.






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