Mobile MRI Units (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) by Odulair provide doctors an inside look of unparalleled detail at the internal anatomy and pathology. The Odulair Mobile MRI Unit offers a cost effective method of adding Mobile MRI services to your diagnostic armamentarium quickly and easily.


Benefits of an Odulair MRI are fourfold. First, an Odulair MRI allows existing medical facilities to add a Mobile MRI scanner to their diagnostic imaging services quickly and cost effectively. Second, by helping other medical facilities address over capacity constraints such as overflow and backlog issues. Third, by offering patients exceptionally high-quality mobile imaging services without the medical facility incurring a major capital expense, and finally, by providing a "bridge service" during construction, renovation, or upgrade of a current existing facility.


The installation of all major mobile medical imaging equipment inside an Odulair Mobile MRI Unit is certified by our partners GE, Siemens, Toshiba, and Philips.


Mobile MRI Units by Odulair are built to serve patient populations as independent operating vehicles or vehicles incorporated into an existing facility. Customers have indicated that the purchase of the Odulair Mobile MRI Unit with full integration of the unit within their facility actually cost one-tenth less financial capital and took up to one-quarter of the time required to build additional MRI scanner facility within their existing facility.

Odulair manufactures MRI Units as both Mobile MRI Units and Transportable MRIs. Mobile medical imaging mri trailers by Odulair can be up to 53 feet long, and can optionally be fitted with slide outs for additional square footage. Odulair also manufactures transportable MRIs housed within a 12' X 60' oversized semi-trailer.  Although this oversized trailer requires a special permit for transport, if moved infrequently, an Odulair MRI trailer might be a more effective option for hospitals and medical imaging service centers seeking additional MRI coverage.


Mobile MRI trailers by Odulair are designed and manufactured from the ground-up as mobile medical units specialized in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) services. Odulair provides Mobile MRI solutions for facilities needing short or long-term mobile MRI services and meets exactly each client’s unique diagnostic imaging needs. Conquer the flexibility of mobile MRI services delivered at your facility.


Odulair is an American company specializing in the design, engineering and manufacturing of Mobile Medical and Modular Healthcare solutions. Mobile MRI trailers and other Mobile Diagnostic Imaging solutions by Odulair are available globally for sale, rental, and lease.





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