Mobile Medical Imaging is crucial in modern healthcare facilities for providing early and precise medical diagnosis while remaining a less invasive therapy. With decades of experience working in Mobile Medical Imaging, Odulair offers Mobile Radiology Units (Mobile X-ray Units) equipped with durable mobile imaging systems that are rugged, easy to use, and produce digital x-ray imaging of the highest quality.


Odulair designs and manufactures mobile x-ray units (also known as mobile digital radiography units) custom tailored for large and small, independent and conglomerate medical practices. A Mobile X-ray Unit by Odulair is the best mobile medical solution for the delivery of radiography services offering unparalleled ease of use, durability, and superior quality digital imagery. Providing healthcare services to remote locations requires on-site medical facilities as when the patient can’t reach the lab, it’s the lab that needs to reach the patient. Everything from health routine check-ups, work related injuries, and treatment and diagnosis of illnesses, are made possible with a Mobile X-ray Unit by Odulair.


Mobile Medical Diagnostic Imaging is one of the most powerful and cost effective medical tools available today.  In many hospitals, ultrasound and CT scans have become almost as commonplace as conventional diagnostic x-ray.  With this increase in utilization, many hospitals are finding that their patients are required to wait far too long for their imaging services to be performed effectively. If this is the case at your facility, or if you need additional medical imaging coverage for your patients, an Odulair Mobile Radiology Unit is your best solution. Although Odulair manufactures Radiology Units in mobile, transportable, modular relocatable and modular fixed platforms, Odulair Mobile Radiology Unit is by far the most popular solution for typical situations. Odulair Mobile X-ray vehicles can include solutions in trucks, trailers, vans, and shipping containers.


Odulair Mobile X-ray Units can include combinations of:


  • Mobile CT
  • Mobile CT/PET
  • Mobile Mammography
  • Mobile MRI
  • Mobile Nuclear Medicine
  • Mobile Ultrasound
  • Mobile X-ray and Mobile Radiology


  • A Mobile X-ray Unit by Odulair allows medical facilities to add additional radiology services quickly and cost effectively
  • Mobile X-ray Units by Odulair help medical facilities address over capacity constraints, such as overflow and backlog issues
  • A Mobile Digital Radiography by Odulair offer patients exceptional, diagnostic-quality imaging services without the medical facility incurring a major capital expense
  • Mobile X-ray Units by Odulair provide a "bridge service" during construction, renovation, or upgrade of your current facility
  • Mobile X-ray Vans constitute the most maneuverable Mobile X-ray Imaging vehicles by Odulair.
  • Mobile Radiology Units by Odulair are manufactured utilizing all major brands of CT equipment including GE, Siemens, Philips, and Toshiba
  • A Mobile X-ray Unit by Odulair is the prefered asset for on site Mobile X-ray Services


Odulair Mobile Radiology Units and Transportable Radiology Units are built to serve patient populations as independent operating vehicles or vehicles incorporated into an existing facility.  Customers have indicated that the purchase of an Odulair Mobile Radiology Unit with full integration of the unit within their facility actually cost far less financial capital and took up to one-third of the time required to build additional radiology rooms within their facility.  This is the kind of solution that we pride ourselves on offering our customers.






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