Innovative R&D and successful industrial design have been the leading values for Planmeca Group for decades. We work closely with leading universities as well as a number of end-users in order to stay at the forefront of development. Dedicated scientific knowledge and in-depth understanding of clinical workflows are vital and integrated parts of our product development and design.


Approximately 10% of the annual turnover is dedicated to R&D.


In the era of digital imaging, our imaging software and digital solutions have been leading the way. Superior image quality and ease-of-use are the most important guidelines of our R&D.


One general trademark in our products is the well considered and distinguished design, which contributes both to ergonomics and safety. The key factors guiding industrial design at Planmeca Group are patient and user safety, as well as hygiene.  Several of Planmeca’s and Planmed’s well-designed, stylish devices have won rewards at design contests.


Hygiene features are demonstrated in our products through material selection, design and technical details. The product features are also designed to meet future infection control requirements.





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