As a boutique manufacturer of the highest quality handmade stainless steel steam sterilizers, PRIMUS Sterilizer Company, LLC was formed in Omaha, Nebraska in 1990. PRIMUS has grown from the founder’s original steam sterilizer service business, Phoenix Medical Services, formed in 1984, to the industry's leading USA manufacturer.


PRIMUS Sterilizer was launched  through the acquisition of an ASME certified pressure-vessel factory in Great Bend, Kansas. Today, all PRIMUS sterilizers continue to be produced in Great Bend by a highly talented and motivated team of manufacturing technicians, designers, and engineers.


In January, 2007 the PRIMUS senior leadership team and Blue Sage Capital completed a highly successful private equity led buyout of the company.


In today’s demanding and ever-changing world, the need for simple, functional designs is more evident now than ever before. As an established leader in the steam sterilizer industry, PRIMUS has always maintained its philosophy of building simple, yet versatile and highly reliable sterilizers - all manufactured in the USA.


Steam sterilizers are our only business at PRIMUS. We take strong pride in being fully capable to customize our products to meet your unique needs.





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